Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stupid Movie Review: Maniac

Director: William Lustig

Actors: The mob guy from Rocky. You know the guy who told Rocky to break some dude's fingers and then he didn't do it? Yeah that guy.

Plot: If you really wanna break up with your lady friend, watch this and Don't Go In the House together. In this one, yet another serial killer with severe mommy issues stalks and brutally kills just about anyone he encounters. Mostly pretty 1980 style ladies. He stalks them, toys with them, kills them brutally, and then collects their scalps to keep. Fucked up much? There really isn't much else to say about it.

Gore: Are you fucking kidding? The most graphically violent "slasher" movie in history. Head explosion, multiple stabbings, scalping's, dismemberment's, decapitations, it goes on. Tom Savini's finest hour.

Super Spoiler Alert: Don't read on if you don't want me to ruin all the cool parts.

Holy Shit! moment: when the grubby slimy fat killer stalks this couple doin it in a Caddy. He then approaches the couple with a shotgun, and jumps on the hood of the car and fires into the windshield. The dude's head literally explodes into tiny pieces causing me to jump out of my couch and hit the backward button on my dvd remote to see it again.

Leap of Logic moment: How is it that when our completely unhinged killer meets a girl he likes and doesn't wanna kill yet, he's a pimp. Like serious game spitting pimp.

Leap of Logic, part 2: How is this attractive girl into this fat, acne scarred, greasy 70's comb-over guy with a rape jacket?

Holy Shit! Part 2: The ending. When pissed off scalp less dead women attack and completely tear our killer a new asshole. Pretty awesome.

Conclusion: This is the most disturbing movie of the early 80's "slasher" cycle. I hesitate to even call it that because it doesn't really follow normal slasher movie rules. Like at all. For one thing, we know who the killer is the whole time. Two, there is no final girl, or anyone besides the killer you see onscreen for more than ten minutes. This is also not a fun movie. Slasher movies, if nothing else, are a lot of fun to watch. While I had a good time with it, this is not something to show your friends. Unless your friends with me. I love how, just like "...House" you see the killer lose his mind little by little until he goes completely bat shit crazy at the end. The movie is more of a character study, a dirty filthy gross character study. Basically everything about this movie is awesome. See it.

Grade: 96%



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